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  1. I bought Poweramp for Movile and it 's a great app, the best for me. Some days ago I bought an Android 10 based car stereo and of course my first thought was to install Poweramp. I did it, and also installed the registration app. In the beginning everything was fine, but suddenly one day I got a message like this: "GOOGLE PLAY RESPONSE ERROR CONTACTING SERVER" and I cannot use the app again, even if I re-run app registration. Poweramp does need to be connected to Internet? how often? Poweramp said in "About" screen: Tienda: Play La licencia se almacena permanentemente en el disposit
  2. Hi, in V2 i used to play a playlist content only randomly, now with V3 I don't know how to do it. If I choose a playlist there are 5 buttons: "random", "Play", "Find", "Select", "..." If I choose the random button, the player after some songs changes suddenly to another playlist. Is this correct? In the player it appears the random button enabled with "canciones/categorías aleatorias" (random songs/categories?). Is this the right random option to play only playlist (queue) content randomly?
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