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  1. Right, but my feature request is not to hide the status bar, it is for immersive mode, which is used in apps like youtube when viewing fullscreen video. I am requesting an option for this mode only when viewing fullsceen visualizations (e.g. like winamp would display milkdrop 2), as most of the time I don't want status or nav bar hidden in the app.
  2. Yes, that is exactly what I am looking for! However, it appears the only way you can do that is by permanently disabling the navbar with root/adb, which I don't want, and disabling the status bar throughout the rest of the app, which I don't want either. Is your status bar visible when not in full screen visualizations? I think it would be great if it worked like any fullscreen video, where in full screen mode the bars recede into the edges of the screen until they are activated with a touch, or at least for there to be an option within the app for this.
  3. I have tried full screen visualizations on two devices and I cannot get either to go into immersive mode. If there is a setting I don't know about, please let me know! I would be very happy if this functionality is already in the application and I just haven't found it yet. The closest I could find in the settings was an option to "Hide Status Bar" in Look and Feel, and "Transparent Navbars" in Skin settings. Hide Status Bar is too general, I only want it hidden during full screen visualizations and "Transparent Navbars" doesn't hide the Navbar at all.
  4. Thank you so much for adding milkdrop visualizations to the app! These are great addition. Would it be possible to add an option to put the application in immersive mode (hide the notifications and navigation bar until swipe or screen action) when visualizations are full screen? I think this would make the visualizations far more pleasing to look at and will also reduce potential burn-in on AMOLED screens.
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