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  1. Congratulation for the the release. Question, has there any plan for Parametric EQ in this app? Or at last, implementable natively into Poweramp only?
  2. While I understand the narrow (and buggy) use case of such thing. I think there are a fair chunk of user who would love to have this feature, even if it is available to usb-dacs. (And this isn't the first time such request has been on board) Apps like HibyMusic also support this well though even if it is as limited as you said, why Poweramps doesn't.
  3. Were if that the case, I think it is ok to have it as a function. As Hiby Music also only accept bit perfect with usb dac, and it is also free. By the way Ibasso daps has a mod to trick the system internal dac as usb dac just to have uapp and hiby music bit perfect to work also.
  4. Bump this post for attention. This is something I have been wanting in Poweramps for a while.
  5. Is there any plan for the usb audio gain function like how UAPP did. To what I know UAPP didn't use the Android API. Would love to see this option available as some people might be using an unpowered DAC like the Apple Dongle which surprisingly have a better performance comparing to excisting DAC on the market with cheap price
  6. Oh hey, that is a great idea. What about support of using preset in AutoEQ. The database is really useful and I think it will come in handy
  7. I usually use Auto EQ ( https://github.com/jaakkopasanen/AutoEq) as a reference, and realized that there are usually some preset that require well beyond the -15db value that PowerAmps use. While this change might not significant, implementing it might help the chance of having an access to a preset database. Which then can be used to load right into the app. Seem like not a really high priority but I would love to see 2 of these feature implemented.
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