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  1. Is there any plan for the usb audio gain function like how UAPP did. To what I know UAPP didn't use the Android API. Would love to see this option available as some people might be using an unpowered DAC like the Apple Dongle which surprisingly have a better performance comparing to excisting DAC on the market with cheap price
  2. Oh hey, that is a great idea. What about support of using preset in AutoEQ. The database is really useful and I think it will come in handy
  3. I usually use Auto EQ ( https://github.com/jaakkopasanen/AutoEq) as a reference, and realized that there are usually some preset that require well beyond the -15db value that PowerAmps use. While this change might not significant, implementing it might help the chance of having an access to a preset database. Which then can be used to load right into the app. Seem like not a really high priority but I would love to see 2 of these feature implemented.
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