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  1. So I have already done this many times but nothing helped. But what i saw yesterday that i has started supporting 192khz as soon as i turn up the setting beyond 48khz and as i go above 192 , it rolls back to 48khz again...bits remain at 32..dunno whats going on here. DVC os already off and no dvc is on inside the OPEN ES HI RES settings...
  2. also i can select the rates in opensl-es hi res driver but output stays stuck on 48khz
  3. will rooting and changing sample rate then in to config file will work or not?
  4. Dac is from Amazon, soditer pixel 2 dac. i can select the rates when i connect it to windows but not with android. i tried with audiotrac too but without success.
  5. Hi developers.. i have Poweramp unlocked version and pixel 2 xl with an external usb c dac with capability of playing files up to 32 bits 384khz...i can confirm the dac can play by watching in windows audio settings and it allows me to select whatever rate and bits i want. but it is not playing in android with Poweramp...i love using this app but this issue is annoying me..please help
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