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  1. Thanks for the reply. If the DSD is meant to be like that, then how do you explain why Fiio Music player actually plays those DSD files louder than the FLAC files? Ill experiment with the Replay Gain, but hopefully it doesn’t also alter the volume of the FLAC files I have. Everything plays fine except the DSD, and as I mentioned other programs play them nice and loud, so I’m assuming it’s something within Poweramp. In regards to the 64 bit, it’s strange that you don’t get lagginess on some of the visualisations. Some play fine but others are laggy, which I thought weren’t optimised for the 64 bit builds. I have the crop and HD turned on, it plays fine in 32bit but same settings, even if I turn them off, still cause lag in the visualisations.
  2. @maxmp I’ve been using Poweramp on my Fiio M11 perfectly, but I have two questions and I’m hoping that at least a fix is available for one of them at least because it is making me considering changing apps. Recently I’ve got myself some DSD files, in which when I play using Poweramp the volume is extremely low (DVC is off, Hires output is on) when I play any other track, like a FLAC then the volume is loud and crisp but only DSD (DSF files) play at a volume that is way too low. the same DSD in Fiio Music is played at an actual louder volume than the regular FLAC files, so I at least know it’s not the file. Any chance there will be a fix on the volume levels of DSD files? - Another thing I’ve noticed with the 64 bit builds is that some visualisations play extremely laggy. When I switch to the 32 build then they are fine. On 64bit the app runs fine, it’s just visualisations are jumpy, and I noticed there is no 32 bit build for the latest release, which is concerning. any idea about these issues I’m having? EDIT: oh and I’m release 838, since that was the latest or last with a 32 bit build available.
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