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  1. The Fiio M9 uses a "highly customized Android 7.0 system". The way to install apps on the M9 is to put the .apk file on the SD card and then in the File manager just tap the file. When I do this with the skin apk, it looks like it very briefly starts preparing to install, but then immediately aborts. Nothing more happens, and the skin is not installed.
  2. Being able to view album art in good quality is important to many users, including me. It is often difficult to achieve due to small screen sizes and limitations of most skins. A great solution would be to add the ability to tap the album art to make it larger/fill the screen temporarily; something like what you can do in Neutron player. If you could also zoom in on it even more to view details, that would be an extra bonus.
  3. Found the solution in another thread: "Album Art" means art for the album. If you don't want that but have already seleted one, go to the following directory /Android/data/_com .maxmpz.audioplayer /selected_aa and remove the file for the album. This works. Just delete the jpg for the album in that folder.
  4. Hello, I'm very happy with Poweramp on my Fiio M9 DAP, but now I'm looking for a way to customize the look; specifically to get it to display larger album art and without text and icons on top of the album art. I have tried to download a couple of 3rd party skins as .apk, but can't install them on my player. Does anyone know if it's even possible to use 3rd party skins for Poweramp on the M9, and how to install them, since it has to be done without Google Play?
  5. I have the exact same problem. An album with 212 songs, each song has its own embedded album art. But it applies the album art of one of the songs to every song on the album, and when I change it to the right album art for one song, it changes all the songs to that same album art. Any solution to this yet?
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