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  1. I still don't see it on mine. I'd have to go through the process as listed above before I can search for a song. Isn't it there a way to bring the search icon to the main page?
  2. Exactly what I normally do while scoring a song, as a keyboardist, but had to be doing so with another app called Ab repeat player, and of which can't be compared to the quality of Poweramp.
  3. I've been using Poweramp since 2012 and this particular function (AB repeat) is what I'm missing badly on this very powerful music player. The developers should please take a look at this function and consider integrating it into the app. Thanks
  4. This music player has been serving me quite well, but the particular function I'm missing badly is the AB Repeat function, which allows one to select or mark a point in a song or track and it'll keep repeating that particular points A & B. I wouldn't know if you could please integrate it into the player. Thanks.
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