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  1. @andrewilley I can tell you that when I first discovered the latest upgrade to the EQ , I let out some kind of joyful sound that alarmed my wife. My only nitpick: I would like to get .5db adjustments with a tap as opposed to the current 1.5.
  2. I can tell you that I've spent countless hours comparing the Hiby app, Jet Audio, Poweramp, Audio Player Pro and Neutron. Neutron was less than fun for me and it fell out of the mix. I used to think all the apps were very close , or, in that with tweaking things you could make them virtually identical in sound. I still do by and large feel that way, with APP the exception. One thing I like to do is get an app to sound it's absolute best with whatever means available, then do the same with another, and then back to back compare. Then I'll back it up and bring things back to stock , or default, making sure volumes are close as possible......EVERY SINGLE TIME Audio Player Pro comes out ahead in dynamics, clarity, definition and punch. I'll add that the APP eq is outstanding (soundwise) and the difference is always more noticeable when comparing players with EQ engaged . It's a bit of a pain to use , but in the end I'll get the Andros at pure bliss and I'm close with with Poweramp but not quite there. (sheer determination, says I'll get there) Poweramp, Jet and Hiby all pull ahead with being able to tweak the soundfield , YET, Poweramp is so much better at the entire experience that I use it 10 to 1 over the others. I'm using the Aurora skin which I like a bit more than stock.
  3. @andrewilley Oh that I do, and the more recent improvements to the EQ have made this my favorite player, hands down. Working with bass down below 30hz and tweaking some upper mids is where real magic happens with my Andromeda SS. That, and a touch of Stereo Expand is icing on the cake. Yet still, I feel there is a touch more dynamics, clarity and separation with the USBAPP. Poweramp is a just a tad more analog sounding to me. It's a wonderful thing having the choices we do!
  4. @Fitzian Thank you! Feeling a bit silly now as I'd been everywhere but there. Now, if only this player sounded as good as Audio Player Pro. I think the 2 should combine for the ultimate in UI and sound. Thanks again.
  5. Is there a way to activate the M11 hardware buttons? It seems odd that with all the other music apps I'm running ( Audio player Pro, Hiby, Jet Audio) the buttons work flawlessly without any set up.
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