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  1. I found I first need to get rid of the default media player in the Home app. Press the person icon bottom right. Press settings, then services, then music. Then select "no default provider". It should them ask you which player you want to use when you play a song, and will give you the option of Poweramp. I haven't yet found a way to get the voice commands to work how I'd like. For example asking to play an album name results in the first song from that album in alphabetical order being played, and Poweramp proceeds to play the next song on all the album's you have in alphabetical order.
  2. Hi, using Samsung Note 9 with Pioneer AVH-Z9200DAB head unit. I noticed sometimes the audio ducks for no apparent reason (presumably my phone is receiving a notification and I can't hear it). Would still like it to duck for navigation instructions though. Is there a way to prevent this? Also which audio output device does Android Auto use? Many thanks.
  3. V3 build 838. Samsung Note 9 - Pie. To enable Wireless Android Auto I am using Google Play services beta and an Android Auto APK not yet released on app store. I accept that these are beta features and could well be the cause of the issue. Issue does not occur when using Android Auto wired.
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