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  1. Before v3, when I made a search and choose a song from returned list, the app ask me if I want to play only the returned songs from the search, but now this option is gone and it only plays the song I've chosen (and then start to shuffle all songs)... There is a option on the settings to fix this?
  2. Thanks for the reply djdarko!
  3. Since V3, the song name/artist was put over the album image, but I like to have it as visible as possible. The solution implemented to override this was to put the song name/artist under the album image and reducing the album image size, but I dont like this solution (because I want the image to big as big/visible as possible). I tried to find an option to change the opacity of the song name/album, but I couldn't find it. I'm not sure if this option already exists (and I just don't find it) or if this should be put on request list... Could someone help me with this one?
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