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  1. With no disrespect, I really think Poweramp should have more customizability: button styles, typeface and such. The stock buttons styles which are present are good too. But the one thing I wish Poweramp really had was the option to change typeface: prebuilt fonts and/or option to add them locally. Poweramp already is poweful-combine it with some more visual features and it will be unbeatable!
  2. Yes I've checked, and there isn't any. I've done a full rescan too after selecting only the "MP3" folder on my external sdcard.
  3. There are 2 songs for each title, and it had been happening randomly until now: anything I do won't get it back to normal. v3-build-840-uni Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 Pixel Experience custom rom Android 9 Edit: I reinstalled v2 to check if the issue still persists. Turns out that Poweramp is detecting 2 folders by the same name for some reason Edit 2: I found the solution. There were two mount points for the sdcard and it had both the mp3 folders selected. Everything back to normal now, thanks
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