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    More customization options

    With no disrespect, I really think Poweramp should have more customizability: button styles, typeface and such. The stock buttons styles which are present are good too. But the one thing I wish Poweramp really had was the option to change typeface: prebuilt fonts and/or option to add them locally. Poweramp already is poweful-combine it with some more visual features and it will be unbeatable!
  2. sabyasachi15

    Songs getting duplicated on the All Songs tab

    Yes I've checked, and there isn't any. I've done a full rescan too after selecting only the "MP3" folder on my external sdcard.
  3. There are 2 songs for each title, and it had been happening randomly until now: anything I do won't get it back to normal. v3-build-840-uni Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 Pixel Experience custom rom Android 9 Edit: I reinstalled v2 to check if the issue still persists. Turns out that Poweramp is detecting 2 folders by the same name for some reason Edit 2: I found the solution. There were two mount points for the sdcard and it had both the mp3 folders selected. Everything back to normal now, thanks