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  1. I think this is solved. Thanks for all replies. Working on a hunch that the original encoding of a lot of these files was not the best, I ran them all through MP3 Validator http://mp3val.sourceforge.net/ This showed many had issues and was able to batch repair almost all of them. The resultant files all play fine. Not sure why most worked in V2 but failed in V3. Perhaps the new audio engine is simply more demanding. In any case all is now good and I have learnt a lot about MP3 file structure as a result. This is also the first time I have ever needed to seek support for this awesome media player and I am very appreciative of how quickly and accurately it was offered. Well done guys.
  2. Thanks Max. I have sent you a dropbox link as the test file is a bit large. I will attempt Andre's batch processing suggestion as I do suspect this is largely caused by sloppy encoding in the merge program moreso than an issue with your app. V3 is probably just more critical with proper encoding.
  3. Thanks Andre. Agree that this is now not the best way to do this but these files were done a long time ago for simpler music players and ease of storage. They play fine and I would like to keep playing them. The cue file idea seems to be on the money though. I just ran one of the offending files through MP3DirectCut and stripped any rogue embedded cue file. That fixed it although it will be a bit of a chore needing to now do this for each file as the skips show up. Given that these always used to play without issue, has something recently been changed within Poweramp to recognise cue files? If so, can I kill it?
  4. Thanks. Updated to 839 with no change. Not using any cue sheet excepting what is probably auto created when the album is merged into one file. The program that I use for this is http://www.makeitone.net/audio/mp3albummaker.htm
  5. Hello. Have used Poweramp since time began and have generally been able to figure out any unexpected behaviour. This one has me stumped, however. I prefer to listen to albums as the artist intended and have quite a number where I have merged an entire album into a single MP3 file. Currently on build 838, previous versions have played these large files without issue. What happens now is that at the end of a song within certain albums, Poweramp wil jump to the next album/file in the queue instead of completing the single long MP3 file that it is playing. This does not happen on every song but is repeatable on those that it does. Tested on other media players, these files play through to completion as expected. As part of the process to try and fix this, I have cleared the Android app data and rebuild the app database. Extensive experimentation of various outputs and buffer sizes along with jump and shuffle options have not seen any improvement. Is there anything that I have missed?
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