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  1. So maybe it possible to thange this sign to another in future relieses? And a second proposal - if the track has no ID3-tag, powerap shows "no performer(no artist)" under the name of the track, is it possible to change it to something another like name of the folder?
  2. Hi. Every time I open track list I see a treble chef opposite each track name and then I remember sad times in the music school. I think many people have the same sad associations. Also this sigh associates with the classical music, but a few people listen it, it looks like the cognitive dissonance when you listen to electronic music and see this sign
  3. Yoda

    Notification colour

    I think It is not beautiful when there is a white panel on the dark background )
  4. V3-838 Version Samsung A40 Android 9.0 The notofication colors switch does non affect on the colour - notofication is allways white exept Media/Colorized mode
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