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  1. Samsung J7 Prime (SM-G610F) CUSTOM ROM Android Pie (Prometheus One Ui) Build 841 J7 Prime Is Officialy By samsung Its Support Upto 192kHz 24 Bit Internal dac May be Poweramp May Not Notice But Its Support Hi-Res Output But I am Using Custom Rom Which Is Ported From Samsung Galaxy A6 So Audio Policy Is The Same On A6 As On My J7 Prime audio_policy_configuration.xml
  2. Poweramp Such Great App On Android But Is As Useful If it Render Audio Universal It Can Be May Helpful Also as We Buy New Phone today Its Comes With Dolby or Something Else I will Be happy If it Comes With Phone As Integrated App Or Feature In Android And Familiar With Android Enviorement It Will Be Great If I see Poweramp Sound Rather Than Dolby Sound But As I see Poweramp Is An Independant App and Therefor It has Own Independant Value, Such a Nice(Or Great) App
  3. Hi Max Can you Share What Is Your Best Poweramp Setting Please I have Found This one But I have Found It on XDA Thanks Have A Good Day
  4. I have Tested Equaliser And I finD Best for Me You Can Adjust Preamp As per Your Requirement Some of Have Issue with Exact Value So Here I have Give Perfect Value According To equaliser PreAmp Normal Added 2 Settings XDA2 XDA Equaliser Value 31-12.1, 62-6.0, 125-(-6.0), 250-7.5, 500-(-6.0), 1k-4.4, 2k-9.0, 4k-(-8.1), 8k-3.0, 16k-11.5 Download Latest Poweramp 839 After Any Help Email jasani.mahesh@yahoo.com
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