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  1. ah, my fault. did think it was 895
  2. is there a link to the previous beta? My poor fiio m6 does not like this version since at start it performs a full rescan even if I have disabled those feature.
  3. yes, i have asigned on bt names- just wish it could be auto
  4. Is it possible to auto select bt profile based on device connected?
  5. i dont think the m6 supports Hi Res on bluetooth, not working on my m6. But you should have it with cable.
  6. no one else get this with fiio m6, m7 and m9? Reproduced it today, let it play to bt headphones and randomly paused and unpaused. Let it play again for 40 min then paused and the m6 just shut off with no warning on screen etc.
  7. Dont know where to put this..but anyone got an issue with fiio m6, m7 or m11 that when.. After 90min or so playing music with bluetooth, i pause the player and some seconds later the m6 shuts off. A restart and I can pause the music again without it turning off, so seems like pausing sometimes trigger the inactivity function of the m6 and shuts it off. I have inactivity set to 15 min.
  8. anyone using fiio m6 and getting some "vinyl" crackling sound on some songs?
  9. Just got the fiio m6, and the testing Poweramp. Dont know if it is a player limitation. Ldac is 16 44.1 on build 839
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