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  1. Thanks for that, have sent a message via that route asking for help on generating the diagnostics... in addition to responding to the email conversation I was already in with Alex. I asked for help on this forum as Alex has not yet got back with instructions on how to generate the report. Perhaps sending another message through the route you suggested will help prompt him? If not, do you know which link I should use to generate the diagnostic report he requested?
  2. I've been happily using V2 for quite some time and would like to experience the goodness of V3. Having purchased V2 via PayPro Global I downloaded the latest V3 code and attempted to use the appropriate email address / order id combination only to be given a 500 NO_ORDER_FOR_ACT error. After contacting support I was told Unfortunately I'm a little lost at this point. I assume the license dialog is accessed via Settings / Already Purchased? / Website. Selecting the "Get Support" takes me to a Help page with a series of FAQs but nothing that obviously generates a diagnostic message. If I click on "Restore Purchase" then the dialogue at Settings / Already Purchased? / Failed to Verify License is available, again with a "Get Support" button which leads to the same Help page. Can anyone tell me where I can generate the diagnostics message required by support? Many thanks in advance...
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