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  1. Hey, is this a bug? If Alternative Yaps is selected, it will be perfectly transparent, and if $Yaps is selected, it will not be transparent properly. I tried to find the settings, but did not find the settings option?
  2. Unfortunately, these three places are not transparent. I can't see the background picture behind them. But thank you very much for helping me transparent all the knobs in return. I will show your work to my friends.
  3. Ok, I'm glad I can make it clear to you that albuma r t album, yes, I didn't open it because it's opaque. I can't see the following content when I open it. If I can display albuma r t album, I can see the following content. It's a very good design. At present, no skin in the mall can do it. In fact, all I want to express is to be able to see the content in the background without any unique requirements. And I hope to add more background photos in the future, so finally we look forward to your next version.
  4. I am not expressing the navigation bar and Android navigation bar, if the language can not express clearly, request to see the pattern I sent has been divided, I am not asking for full transparency, but hope it and the equalizer knob as translucent to see through the sky patterns.
  5. I always wanted it to be transparent, but I couldn't wait for you to make a transparent knob and what your mailbox was. I couldn't find your mailbox and report errors to you.
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