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  1. Powerap Equalizer don't work on YouTube and Youtube Vanced. Is there any workaround?
  2. Is it possible to disable left/right swipe on Now Playing screen to jump to next/prev song.?
  3. When I hit back navigation button on Now Playing, Poweramp app fully minimize and take me to my phone's homescreen. Is it possible to go back to song list when I click back navigation button? Is there any settings for this I missed? I switched to Poweramp Full Version few days back for surprisingly phenomenon audio output after using JetAudio Player for years. I still have habit to pressing back navigation button to go to songs list. Hope there is a settings to do that in Poweramp.
  4. Dear Poweramp Devs, Please add feature to add Volume Slider at bottom of now playing. It would be great.
  5. It would be great if you add option to add volume bar at bottom. JetAudio Player also have this volume slider option. Sadly Poweramp don't have
  6. I am looking to create something like this from Retro music player screenshot, Volume Slider at bottom permanently is necessary for me, Can anyone help/guide achieving similar to this screenshot?
  7. When I increase decrease volume, the playing music stutters, audio stops for micro seconds. Any solution to this annoying problem?
  8. Hi devs, How to add volume slider at bottom on Now Playing Screen?
  9. Is there any settings of skin to get volume slider at bottom on now playing? Basically I want to create a now playing screen with grey background + rounded square album art + volume bar at bottom. Kinda minimalist like Retro music player.
  10. Is this feature already available? Is there any V3 theme with volume bar? if not please as this feature. like this screenshot
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