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  1. I'm still hoping too. Let's look forward together.
  2. Well, may be. But I can't imagine how Android OS can make such a limitation. Currently I've found foobar2000 that supports multi-comment for Artist, both on Windows and Android. Though it has some problem on Android like that it doesn't show all artists in listviews, but I can search all artists that exist in the vorbis comment, and the results, the songs related to those artists, is able to show. I doesn't use any sync utils for foobar in Android. Thus, analysing multiple tags(vorbis comments) is still possible, I think.
  3. Appreciated to know that, However It only works with Genre and currently there's no delimiter available to split any tags other than Genre.
  4. I use multiple ARTIST fields in my FLAC audio file to save multi-artists information. However, Poweramp does not seems to support it now. Any plans to support this feature? Further more, the ALBUM_ARTIST field can also be supported.
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