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  1. Hi Andre, thank you for your answer. Now it is clear. I confirm that apk from the website works fine. Unlocker from Play Store works too. Some small discomfort is that Play Store still wants to install the old version for a new one Thanks again for the quick response. PS. Can you just answer me why the Poweramp V3 is not officially in the Play Store if it works properly on Intel chipsets? At least I do not see any problems on the Intel device.
  2. Hi. Some time ago I bought the full version of the program. V3 works great on the phone. The problem appeared when trying to install on a multimedia station in a car. From Google Play, I only see version V2. I can install the V3 version only from the apk file. After installing Poweramp V3 from the apk file, Google Play continues to show the need to install the V2 version. How to deal with this ? Head Unit: Android: 8.1 CPU: Intel Airmont eight-core 1.8GHz SC9853i 64-bit GPU: Dual core Arm Mali-T820.RAM: LPDDR4 4GB Flash: Samsung 32GBRes: 1024x600
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