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  1. Hello, First of all the obligatory but undeniably true thanks for making this awesome piece of software. i used to be an avid playerpro user, but the features and overal polish this program receives make it win out by a wide margin for me. As for the feature request, in the library i have only the "artists" view enabled, because i like to navigate artist>album, then play (though selecting track is no problem). However, while i have only the artists view enabled, i still have to select it whenever going to the library. Is it possible for Poweramp to automatically show the artists view (or any view) if no other view is enabled Edit: Couple other requests. When an artist only has one album, please automatically go to track mode, rather than having to select that lone album. A way to disable folders view completely (allows me to remove the bar). (most importantly) Have the sorting when playing an artist be date/album/track number, rather than alphabeitcal.
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