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  1. Go afternoon to the peeps out there. When I started collecting music, as I only had a laptop (ASUS 17.5"), I started out with Media Monkey. When started using my mobile devices for my music, did a Google search for better player.I took a chance & downloaded Poweramp. It only took me a week to realised just how great this player is so I purchased the unlocker and have enjoyed it very much for the past 4 or 5 years. Due to age (72), I have more difficulty reading the screenpages, so I'm being kinda forced to move back to my Acer AIO 24" or my ASUS 17.5" laptop. Does P/A have any thoughts of a Windows 10 version coming out in near future? If not, does anyone here have any idea what the next best music player for win 10. Be advised that I don't care if I have to pay as I hate adds anyway, also I am really not happy with music monkey player. Also I am seeking to find a player that checks for duplicates. Just a little FYI, I have over a thousand songs ( not one is pirated & I have the CDs to prove it [retired drummer]) & due to my many genres, Blue, Rockabilly & R&R. With that said, I would love to get a player that sorts out duplicates in all folders except "songs", "titles" or "trackes". Sorry I got a bit longwinded, but I hope you can help me . Poweramp is my first choice. Thanks all. Cheers Oldbroad Angela Dodds
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