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  1. There wasn't any issue related to volume on pa v2, so i have to switch and try other versions, thanks.
  2. Thanks for your reply, i am using Poweramp software with android car multimedia head unit and when i open the software master volume starts with level 87 (diagonal clock shape control) and when i turned up to the max-100 after 3 seconds it just reverts to the 87 default level. I think this is the master vol level control for the app but i do not understand why behave like this. Default 87 level is very low when compared to the other players that's why i tried to turn up to the max level.
  3. I am using the latest build v3 834 and when i turn up the volume till 100 it is resetting itself to the 87. No matter what i do could not prevented it. Also tried dvc on/off without luck. Any suggestions ? I am using android 8.1 with car head unit.. thanks..
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