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  1. Huge thank you to flyingdutchman and andrewilley. I will move forth with my music transfer and use your advice. Cheers 🤘🏻
  2. Hello everyone I'm new to this whole forum board thing. I use Poweramp on my phone as my music media player preference. I have a 128 GB SD Card that is inserted and that contains all my Poweramp music. I have just bought a 256 GB SD Card as I'm running out of room on my 128 Card. I want to transfer my current music library to the 256 Card while keeping my playlist set up on my Poweramp. Simply put, I dont want to have to create 400 playlists again. I assume if I just drag and drop transfer the music from 128 Card to 256 Card I'll have those songs and Poweramp will recognize them but they will no longer be organized in my created playlist. If anyone has a idea or maybe solution for me that would greatly appreciated. Cheers :)
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