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  1. Hi Andre, thanks for the reply. I recently update to 832 and this options are totally gone :(, in 790 when in enable the hi Res 24 bit 192 option I really hear a big difference more with flac files, sounds wayyy better. And yes p smart have hi res audio in his specifications , even my older p10 have this options enabled with the last update (832) 😢
  2. P smart 2019 (huawei pot xl3) ROM: Emui 9.0 (Android 9) Not supported hi Res wired and speaker , just dac and Bluetooth. I recently update to 832 version but I just have 2 options in hi res output (dac and Bluetooth), the thing is that in 790 version of the app, the 2 missing options(speaker and wired/aux) are including. I tested it and I realized that if there is a great improvement when activating the Hi res 24 bit 192khz, it sounds much better with flac files, but I just have this option in a outdated version
  3. Well, like 2 days ago I found out that Poweramp has a choice for Hi res audio output (using this app for 2 years and I just found out, dumb af), The thing is that I do not have the option, it's completely missing, reading other articles in the forum looks like this problem is for huawei phones , only DAC and Bluetooth are enabled,searching and looking for old versions I found one in which I have the options enabled (wired and speker), specifically version 790 uni arm v7a, if it were for me I would use this version but it is very bugged and only has a few options, I would like to know if there is any way they can implement the option in the future.
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