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  1. Thanks for your quick response Andre! I was already thinking I needed to change the path to SD/Music since the playlist files in my phone and PC are obviously different from the tablet's SD card. FYI I did do a full rescan and double ck. the settings in the Library before posting here..........Ronnie
  2. Hi, I'm a new user and I have a similar issue. After installing Poweramp in my Asus tablet Poweramp doesn't see my playlists at all. After using the export feature in my Galaxy phone where Poweramp sees them fine becuase the phone had an existing music program that I'm assuming Poweramp just used it's playlist files, I used Poweramp's export tool to save them. Next I moved the files into my Windows PC where I copied them to the tablets music folder (on SD card where all my .flac files are located) but no luck once I did a rescan. Still hoping, I tried moving them into the tablet's internal storage in a folder I named "Playlists" and the app still can't find them even though I verified that path is on its list of folders to scan. I suspect it's because the path to the files in my phone isn't recognized by the app due to the music being in a different path and needs to be changed? I had to do this a few years back to get a Cowon Plenue D to see the playlists (I used the jetaudio priogram then) but it's been so long I'll need to research how to do it all over again? Can you point me to any help so I don't have to manually create the playlists? Thanks.........Ronnie
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