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  1. I don't download download ac3 songs I convert wav to ac3, I feel it improves surround effects by A LOT! I'm thinking in settling down for ac3 ,and yes I know about the codec is used for DVDs but there are songs recorded in Dolby (in some rare case there is song recorded in dolby) anyway,when I match the converted wav music to ac3 with Dolby Atmos in my Android it sounds like the first time you hear lossless music
  2. I know this is off topic but since you guys are experienced audiophiles I have a doubt please explain,I read when you match Dolby contents ac3 file plus a device compatible dolby it enhances the experience a lot ( I know its kinda obvious) but is it totally true? Because my phone has Dolby Atmos preinstalled and when I turn it on with songs converted to ac3 it sounds so awesome,like surround effects on songs are more defined and the song sounds quite impressive!
  3. Again this is what I don't understand IF my phone SUPPORTS 48 khz and/or higher and SUPPORTS APTX and in earphones have APTX with max sample rate at 48 then why Poweramp downsamples it? Basically what I see is I should play 48 wav with no problems and resampling
  4. Hi,I'm not an expert,I only know some basics but I need help with something,Poweramp downsamples sample rate to 44.1 khz when with other players I can achieve 48 khz,thing is this,my phone in other player achieve 48 khz with aptx (non hd) of my Bluetooth earphones but when I go to Poweramp it downsamples to 44.1 ,why? Aptx support 48 khz and my phone supports higher than. 48 too ,I want to achieve bit perfect with my Bluetooth earphones with aptx codec since my files are 16 bit wav and 48 khz ,again why does it downsamples?
  5. I am not a technician, before putting the same title what I did was to eliminate the characters and then the error went away, after it left I put the characters to see if it was that and I do not return the error.I hope you have solved the problem
  6. the title, I even put back the same title I had with these characters - () and kept telling me the song I was currently playing
  7. Hi guys,I'm not used to sign up to forums and comment to discuss anything,but since THIS BUG is really pissing off everybody including me ,I had to post my solution,that bug HAPPENED TO ME and I fixed it by EDITING the FILE NAME TAG via Poweramp info/tag option and I even used special characters like 👉 - 👈and 👉() 👈 and as of now it fixed the issue. Hope this helps ALL OF YOU , I hope this little grain of sand has served you well.
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