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  1. cant get full screenshot in font sizes i see track font size, album/artist, library list, scale library font and meta info font size and restore defaults in just fonts i see font for track, font for album, fonts and restore defaults
  2. I happen to be on PA 866 skin v70. That may be it?
  3. I have v70 and have 5 font selections in the above setting. I'm on a note 8.
  4. New version upgraded today and nav bar icons are just outlines the inside of each one is black. Have same settings as before. Am I missing a new setting?
  5. How do you show the spectrum? When I add any of them they dont show up Never mind all sorted. I love this skin!!
  6. Ok so is there a way I can center wave seek under album art and move track counters to left and right or under wave seek on left and right?
  7. I chose any background color with gradient static waveseek and it looks like this I'm on note8
  8. Where is the color setting for the wave seek static background?
  9. Yes I saw. That will be great! Thanks for the explanation. I'm new to the app and kind of thought it was something to do with album art
  10. Thank you so much!! Love it. How do I get a light to dark background behind the wave under the album art on the bottom? Cant find hiw to do that
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