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  1. @maxmp I don't understand. Could you explain the association of the DVC limitation to high resolution (24 bit/192kHz) capability ? If the built-in DAC of Poco F1 supports 384kHz, can Poweramp create a 'direct' connection where it bypasses the android ecosystem and hooks into the internal dac ? Or does the DVC limitation on the Poco F1 influence this bypass ?
  2. @RajDaBest12 Snapdragon (SD) 845 chipset does have the capability because Qualcomm claims up to 32bit/384khz support plus native DSD and also DOP capability for the 845 chipset, but the developers of Xiaomi are probably restricting the snapdragon 845 capabilities in the Poco F1. So Xiaomi does not retain and utilize all of the chipsets actual functionalty. The Poco F1 is more meant to be a gaming phone, not a high-end audio phone. Software, like Poweramp, cannot solve this problem, only Xiaomi can ..
  3. @RajDaBest12 Yes, I know, but I'm not talking about the software (Poweramp), but the audio hardware of the Poco F1. Since Poweramp uses the built-in DAC of Poco F1 ...
  4. @FewPhone That would be great if Poweramp can bypass Miui audio system ! But isn’t Poweramp still dependant on the built-in DAC of Poco F1 ?
  5. @maxmp Thanks for your reply, but it doesn’t answer my question. Poweramp might be able to support up to 192kHz with DVC and up to 384kHz without DVC on the Poco F1, as you mention, but does the internal, built-in DAC (audio hardware) of Poco F1 support these Hi-res sampling frequencies also ? The audio chain is only as strong as its weakest link: Audio file -> Poweramp -> Pocophone F1 -> 3,5 inch Wired headset Every part of this chain has to be great. No use of a great Poweramp music player if the DAC of the Pocophone does not support these frequencies also. So I would like to know what is the quality (i.e sampling frequencies) of the DAC built into the Poco F1 ?
  6. I'm wondering if the Poco F1 has internal DAC supporting 24 bit/192kHz ?
  7. @maxmp Does the internal DAC of Poco F1 support 24bit/192 kHz ?
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