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  1. Thanks everyone. It's my ignorance that's the problem! I've spent more time with Mp3Tag and managed to solve my problem, but I wouldn't have been able to do so without the kind help from those above. So thanks once again.
  2. Thank you. I've tried doing a full rescan but unfortunately that has not resolved my problem. I also changed the name of one of the folders through File Manager, eg one folder named "A Fxxx Bxxx" to "AA Fxxx Bxxx" that too has not worked. I've always selected my music in PA either through Artist or Album. If I select Artist PA will only show "known" albums, if I select Album which I do most frequently I get the problem shown in my opening post. Strangely, I've just noticed that if I select Folder option, those unknown albums are displayed correctly but not the tracks.
  3. Thanks, I'll give that a go. I had obtained all the information, Album art, Artist and Tracks "after" initial ripping but before pasting to Poweramp. I'll have a go with MP3 Tag but It might be for consideration that when I open the file in MP3 Tag it would show all the information which WMP accrued. I was able to enter the track in Poweramp but unable to change the album title from Unknown Album. Thanks again
  4. I'm able to rip music from CDs to to MWP, sometimes WMP doesn't immediately recognise album art. I then ask WMP to find album information and it usually works. I save each ripped CD (with the album art) in a separate Windows folder on my PC and then copy and paste the folder to my mobile phone. Those which WMP didn't immediately find the album information will almost certainly appear in the Poweramp library as Unknown Album which is annoying especially as there are quite a few of them making selection difficult. Could someone please advise me how I can overcome this problem and be able to view title tracks and album art in Poweramp 3? Thanks
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