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  1. I am not using queue on purpose, when I do a search and hit shuffle I guess it adds it to a queue but I didn't notice it. The fact remains that the queue starts randomly in the middle of shuffle all. But this may solve my actual problem, so for that I am thankful.
  2. Okay. Do a search for any search term, shuffle the searched items.i used 'the' 8n this example. Then go to all songs and hit shuffle. Let it play. It wont do it immediately, but it will do it. Then you can back out of it by hitting previous track button. It will say leaving queue and go back to the original all songs . Here is the screen capture as I back out.
  3. Well I dont know then. Its happening to me. I will try to prove it with a screen recorder
  4. Make sure you start playing the search list. Shuffle the entire search first and let it play through some songs. Then go back to all songs shuffle all play that.
  5. Is anyone gonna investigate this bug. Keeps happening. I can press the balc button and find where it started Nd fall back in to the original all song order. Its clearly a glitch. Will go from 123/15000. Then when it hits a search term goes 1/209 etc. And 2/209. If you reversback out of it. It's like it didn't happen goes back to the 15000 shuffling mode
  6. Yeah the problem doesn't manifest when skipping through. Use a more common search term so it will come up sooner.
  7. The other thing is that I haven't been able to force it to happen. When I skip songs it wont work. Has to play through.
  8. Try shuffling "all songs". Or folders. It happens to me every time since switching to version 3.
  9. When I shuffle all songs everything goes fine until I hit a song with the last search term in it. Then it starts shuffling the previous search term only not all songs. It's very annoying and I'm wondering if there is a fix
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