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  1. I was using hi res until I put One UI 6 on my A54 too but hopefully that will be fixed. I put it on AAudio for now. I am using bluetooth Soundcore Life Q35. Using LDAC. It says 32/96 on the AAudio.
  2. What I don't understand, and I have already mentioned this, but I said this did not happen at all until I updated to latest release, and I did not change anything either but I still have to change settings on the newer version. That just makes no sense at all to me, that I would have to do extra stuff on newer version, when it worked fine before. That also says that it is not my end too but now I have to play with settings, to make it look as if it is my end. I did not change a thing, which means it should work the same as before. What happened to the saying, "If it isn't broken, don't fix it"? Now, it is broken, to where it isn't working the same way as it did.
  3. I am just using Absolute Volume. I am not going to keep dealing with a problem that just takes a long time to get fixed. If I am going to be just told that it is something that is on my end, and it really isn't and never gets anywhere at all, then the point of getting something fixed is pointless. I am tired of support that makes us users look as if we are the problem, and just keep trying many, many, things to do, and nothing ever gets done. I just got done few days ago dropping connection from TCL because they wouldn't fix a issue with the phone I have but is their software, and all they would tell me is to use an app that is no where on the phone or able to install to use to tell them the problem they can't figure out just by me telling them what is going on, and it seems to start being the case here too. So I am probably going to end up dropping this too, and just only use Absolute Volume. I could do what you say, and just keep going in circles over and over again, but I am getting tired of just wasting time that I could use in my life without wasting more on things that could be easily done, without someone thinking I am the one that is making the issue or problem on my end, and making going through hoops. Tired of the runarounds.
  4. This sounds like my issue but more of a play, pause, play, pause on mine. Mine was with disable absolute volume. I am not sure if you are using bluetooth or not.
  5. That option is greyed out on my phone. That is whether I disable absolute volume in Developer options or not. DVC for bluetooth keeps flickering available and not available over and over again. Guess, I am going to not use Poweramp, because it does not like my Cleer Enduro 100 headphones. Worked fine before last update though. Edit: I just disabled the disable absolute volume in developer options with headphones turned off, then went back to Poweramp settings after turning headphones back on and now, it says bluetooth DVC not available but not flipping back and forth like it was. So I guess, I am stuck with absolute volume on. Edit Again: Seems to work fine now with absolute volume now. This is TCL default android 11 OS. The only problem I have with absolute volume is, every time I turn on headphones it defaults to 70% volume and is pretty loud. So I have to tap button on headphones for one down on volume to make it comfortable to listen to music, that is why I was using the disable absolute volume, because it fixed that. So either have an issue with Poweramp or issue with volume on headphones. Oh well! Oh, and I forgot to say, that I have disabled all of any settings of DVC on Poweramp. This was before the issue and still set that way.
  6. You know, scratch all that, and I will put some other in there because I noticed there was more at the same time. Starting at: 13:34:36.753 PSMediaButtonReceiver android.intent.action.MEDIA_BUTTON KEYCODE_MEDIA_PLAY ACTION_DOWN name=Virtual source=0x0 sources=0x301 virt=true repeat=0 actionTime=15489605 isAvrcp flags=0x0 playerState=2 13:34:36.787 PSMediaButtonReceiver android.intent.action.MEDIA_BUTTON KEYCODE_MEDIA_PLAY ACTION_UP name=Virtual source=0x0 sources=0x301 virt=true repeat=0 actionTime=15489639 isAvrcp flags=0x0 playerState=2 13:34:37.615 PlayService RESUME from PSMediaButtonREceiver resumePlaying 13:34:37.615 PlayerService RESUME from PSMediaButtonReceiver IGNORED That is in order as that time.
  7. Just before that one I just said it says, 13:34:37.615 PlayService RESUME from PSMediaButtonREceiver resumePlaying This was first before the other.
  8. It just happened again, and this is what it says. 13:34:37.615 PlayerService RESUME from PSMediaButtonReceiver IGNORED But it played after 5 to 10 seconds.
  9. Well, it says Empty but I will have to check it again, when it happens again. It is random, that it does it.
  10. Well, that I did to fix it, did not work. I just went on my walk today, and have not since I typed the other posts, and it started it again. It never did this before last update. I might have to temporarily use another app until it is fixed or deal with annoying pause, play, pause, play at the beginning of hitting play.
  11. It seems clearing data and cache on Poweramp app worked, so far!
  12. Ever since last update on Google Play, I turn on my bluetooth headphones, and then tap the play button on headphones, it does a start to play but does a play, pause, play, pause, over and over again for about 10 seconds, then plays normal. It is not my headphones, because it only started after last update. Version 895-905. Using Android 11 on TCL 10L phone. Not sure what to do because this only happen on last update. Oh and I have reconnected bluetooth headphones and still does it. Also, rebooted phone and still does it. I will clear cache and data to see if it fixes it and I will reply here.
  13. Sucks for people that never use chromecast.
  14. This is awesome, because now I can listen to same equalizer with Youtube Music, with uploaded music to stream while on walk if wanted. Sweet, now I have a 400gb micro sd card in phone for my Metalcore and Deathcore genre, and add other genre uploaded to Youtube Music and I will never run out of music now. 100,000 songs can be uploaded to Youtube Music. So, Poweramp player for micro sd card. I always want to see if there is better sounding apps than Poweramp, and I just end up back with PA player. Now, this works with other players, then this is going to be the best equalizer app on Google Play bar none. I will definitely pay for it.
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