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  1. Happened multiple times today when connect to internet. Latest one on play store.
  2. It takes forever to get new updates on the play store. I am still on 838. I just uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Seems like the updates on play store just take forever.
  3. Just uninstalling and reinstalling of Poweramp fixed my unmounted storage problem.
  4. Well, I am forced to use Google Play Music, and then YouTube Music when switched for their massive upload of 100,000 songs for my s7 edge. So until their is actually cloud option for any kind of cloud storage, then I guess Poweramp will sit on the sidelines. Since, I just got hooked up with xFinity xFI and unlimited wifi while out walking, and no cut outs while streaming. So that is a better option so far for me. More music listening and choices is the way.
  5. Really, since 2015? Not anything yet? I guess, since it is 2019 and going on second half of that year, that this will never ever happen. Not everyone has money to buy a new phone or new micro sd card larger for larger music collections.
  6. I am for this too. My go to player for all but without larger collection to put all my music and shuffle all in one place, GPM is where I am until they get rid of the service. I will keep PA on phone until something replaces GPM 100,000 songs. I mean PA will just sit there be waiting for an option to use any cloud storage via wifi or data to listen to mp3s uploaded.
  7. I would love to see a cloud streaming option on the app but I ran out of space on my micro sd card, and now I am forced to use crappy looking Google Play Music for the 100,000 songs. That is awesome but if this app had adding cloud storage from any kind of cloud storage option online, then Poweramp would be first comeback to play music again. So until I find a cloud option that beats the 100,000 songs upload limit for listening via xfinity xfi, then GPM is still my option.
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