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  1. I fixed my original problem by enabling Settings > Misc > Now Playing List For Connected Devices/Apps. Track info now shows up as expected.
  2. I submitted a bug report for this but maybe another user can help: I'm unable to see track info while playing over bluetooth in my car (WRX, no Android auto.) Currently running Android 10 stock firmware on the OnePlus 6 with V3 build 853. Other players work fine and I didn't have a problem with build 826 on Android 9. But 826 doesn't install properly on Android 10 and no later builds send track info over BT. Let know if I can provide more info. I've also tried different AVRCP versions in Dev options (1.3 - 1.6) with no luck. Edit: fixed by enabling Settings > Misc > Now Pla
  3. Builds after 828 don't seem to be sending track information to Bluetooth players. The track progress shows, but not name, artist, or album. OP6 / Android 9.0
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