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  1. Sorry for the late reply, I am in the middle of a business trip. Thank you for the reply. I confirm the file order matches the behavior of PA. Best.
  2. This is not really the precise description of the behavior, because, in Folders Hierarchy mode, when I select a folder with no music files it does go to subfolders until it meets one which has audio files and then loops there. And for me this is clearly a bug, I don't see how this could be the expected behavior otherwise. As I said repeating is not the most important, the most important is to not jump to another "random" folder after finishing the one I selected. But now I understand that I have to create a new playlist for every folder I have and their parents (dozens of combinations). I am really disappointed because this is not a complicated feature since shuffling in the hierarchy seems to work, playing the same list but in the initial order is supposed to be easier. This is a base feature of much more basic players such as Clean Music Player (which is unfortunately no longer maintained...) Thank you for the reply anyway
  3. I am really sorry, this is really not clear for me. Let me take another example let's say I want to listen all the songs of artist D2, album by album, each album being a subfolder, in their order, and then to restart from the first one f200.mp3 f201.mp3 f210.mp3 f211.mp3 f220.mp3 f221.mp3 -repeat- f200.mp3 f201.mp3 .... How can I do that? The folder D2 is not visible in the Folders list because there is no track. So for me, the natural solution is to go to the hierarchy, find the folder and press play, but whatever the option it seems it is not going to happen. I actually could be satisfied if instead of repeating it stops and I have to restart it again. But what I don't want is that the player jumps to another folder. I really feel stupid not understanding that...
  4. Thank you for the reply, All you said made perfect sense. However, the solution solves the problem only partially, because from what I understand if I go in D0/ folder and press play, it will not loop on f0*.mp3 as I expect it, but it will jump to the next folder and basically do exactly the same list as if I were in the root. So how can I play all the tracks of say D0/ subtree in their order and loop there? Do I have to create a playlist for every folder? I think if I go to a folder in folder hierarchy mode and press play, it should be natural that all the files in the hierarchy are played in a given precise order, and If I am in loop mode, it would just start over again once finished. I feel I am missing something here... Sorry
  5. I actually did it before asking the question but did it again just to make sure. In fact only the folders containing directly audio files are visible in folder mode and not their parents, that's why the root is not visible. And those which are visible don't show any subdirectory file. It seems like it is the expected behavior. But I actually don't really complain about that, I downloaded this app especially for the folder hierarchy mode and it is not working as expected. In case my problem was not clear, when I go to a main folder and press play, it is only reading the files from the first subfolder met in the hierarchy and is stuck looping there. But I have this problem only after I paid... 😞 Thanks again for the reply
  6. Thank you for your reply I am sorry I use the french version of the app where I think "folder hierarchy" has been translated into "structure de dossiers" which I translated back into "folder structure". Maybe that is why I couldn't manage to see if this has been reported. Basically the behavior I am describing is the one I encounter when trying to use hierarchy. In the "Folders" mode the folder D is not even visible, which is also not clear why.
  7. Hello, I couldn't figure out if this bug has been reported. I have bought the license recently and I feel the problem happened not long after. This is an example of behavior. My folder structure is something like this (audio tracks are in orange) D/ ├── D0/ │ ├── D00/ │ │ ├── f000.mp3 │ │ └── f001.mp3 │ ├── D01/ │ │ ├── f010.mp3 │ │ └── f011.mp3 │ ├── D02/ │ │ ├── f020.mp3 │ │ └── f021.mp3 │ ├── f03.mp3 │ └── f04.mp3 ├── D1/ │ ├── D10/ │ │ ├── f100.mp3 │ │ └── f101.mp3 │ ├── D11/ │ │ ├── f110.mp3 │ │ └── f111.mp3 │ ├── D12/ │ │ ├── f120.mp3 │ │ └── f121.mp3 │ ├── f13.mp3 │ └── f14.mp3 └── D2/ ├── D20/ │ ├── f200.mp3 │ └── f201.mp3 ├── D21/ │ ├── f210.mp3 │ └── f211.mp3 └── D22/ ├── f220.mp3 └── f221.mp3 So what does one expect if in folder structure mode I go to folder D, and press play? At least what I expect is to play all the tracks in the order they appear in this list (I don't want to shuffle the files). What happens: only the files f03mp3 and f04.mp3 are playing in a cycle without any clear reason. No other subfolder is loaded. Is it the expected behavior? Please specify the following: Poweramp version and build number (available in Poweramp Settings => About) v3 build 830 play Your device model Huwawei P20 pro Your Android version 9 Your Custom ROM name/version (if you're on custom ROM) no
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