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  1. Hi The aficionados of the skins, the disjunctés of the sound system.Régis a young handicapped, has drawn his project, he'has trouble using his hands. But he did a really good job. There is same draw Bono on stage with his microphone. Is it possible to realise his project ? He is only 12 years old but, he gives us a nice lesson of courage. Thanks you very much Buddy, for your free skin.
  2. Hi The aficionados of the skins, I always, the same problems, I do not find the options to enlarge the button "play". I downloaded all the free versions of yaps, on appvpn and still miss this options ??????????? Can you put "an special stump option" for people who don't have a fingers, please. You're help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks you very much Buddy, for your free skin.
  3. Thank you man for your answer, so for the theme yes it's free versions that I downloaded on the net. I installed it, for several patients, where I work ( hop a little Bank note for me lol ah ah ah) It's a little complicated with all the options, you do not always know what each option's. I love yaps 7 he is too stylish. I have many qustions ? 1- Is it possible that you make a theme for the disabled peoples, with big buttons play, and not many options? (a little bank note for u lol ah ah ah) 2- Can you do a tutorial to explain all the functions? 3- what are the differences with free yaps themes to find on the net, and those paying 2,50$ (expensive) on the play? *payers still have more options? thank you buddy for sharing your themes, stay the cap.
  4. hi all very free great theme but i dont find the option for change background.
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