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  1. Most professionally recorded music has already been peak limited, so limiting it again only introduces distortion and clipping. With my issue there is no distortion. The first second of a track plays normally, and then is very abruptly turned down, in the complete absence of any peaks. There is absolutely no need for a limiter, except in the actual music making process. I don't want a music player that's trying to be a studio. I already have a studio. I simply want a music player that isn't gonna try and nanny me. I won't be using power amp anymore.
  2. It's not the limiter as it's turned off.. I'm a music producer and I know what limiters do and fail to understand why a music player would even have one, or why it's set to default. I checked to make sure it's not connected to the phones system sound by using another app, which is a simple file browser with a built-in audio player, and it plays the music perfectly, so the issue is directly connected to power amp.
  3. Also, I've just uninstalled power amp and reinstalled it again and this hasn't fixed it. The limiting isn't happening because something loud has sounded, like the music ducking a voiceover. It is random and unpredictable.
  4. My Poweramp is applying limiting to my tracks. The tone changes throughout the track and the music often sounds like it's going through a choke point. I've reset the output to default and there's no change. I'm using skull candy wireless headphones which are fine as I've tried another pair of wired headphones which had the same issues. I'm using Poweramp 3 build 826 on a Samsung J6
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