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  1. Can I manipulate metadata of DSD file or DSF file or dff file using Poweramp or any android base app. I dont have access to computer so its mp3tag or Audrivana does support to edit those files above mentioned and Audrivana doesnt have an android base version except mp3tag which is limited for android. I realy want to embed artwork of those of dsd, dsf and see files. I have atached an example and im unable to edit its tag in Poweramp.
  2. This is cue sheet. George michael cue sheet.zip
  3. Same cue file (sheets) is working fine in google pixel 2 XL.
  4. Its did everything mentioned above but its still not working. Large cue file still showing in the app after following these steps Settings / Library / Lists / Show CUE disc image files is unchecked. is tgere anything with the cellphone. Its a brand new cellphone? Or either Poweramp compatibility with this cellphone.
  5. I have same build poweamp in both cellphones. I have attached the screenshot.
  6. Since I upgraded my cell phone from Google Pixel 2 XL to LG G7 Thinq, some of my albums are in single big file of music with cue sheet and those files were working fine in my google Pixel 2 XL with power amp but those cue sheets files aren't working with my LG G7 Thinq. Any help from you guys or developer. I uploaded. Two screen shots one from pixel and one from LG. I have same Poweramp build version in both cellphones.
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