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  1. In a bid to find a solution for myself, I, at last, removed the beta version of Google Play Services, thinking that's the last one that can cause problems and installed the public version and tested the battery consumption again. Surprisingly, it shows happy results. Will test this again during commute tomorrow morning and post it. For now, here are the results.
  2. 🙁🙁🙁🥺 it's sad that this isn't reproducible on your end while so many users are facing it. Can a device log help you understand what is causing it for us?
  3. I'm back here to report that the Chromecast trick worked for that day only. The power consumption is still high, just like before. 😣
  4. Cool. I always kept autoscanning off knowing it would drain battery unnecessarily. I just manual scan whenever I add new tracks. @andrewevenstar
  5. Hey max, thanks for your explanation but Alex from your support team fixed my problem. So happy about it, give him a cookie! I had sent this same problem via the app's support option. Alex replied within a few hours. And after tests since yesterday, I think the issue is gone. @andrewevenstar try it for yourself too. The Chromecast button was the culprit, I suspect that means actually Google Play Services was the culprit. Thanks a ton!
  6. Battery usage is higher than any other music player, more than twice. I never looked into this on my old phone. But losing 25-30% of battery with 1.5 hours of background playback while commuting from home to college every morning was too much to not notice on a brand new Galaxy S10. To do my test, I played music for some time on Phonograph and the battery graph shows clearly that Poweramp uses more power. This is sad. If I have to save power and save myself from carrying a charger everyday, I'll have to give up on Poweramp. I hope there's a solution to this. I don't use visualization, most of the playback was in the background with screen off. And forgot to mention, when this happens, phone gets warm. Also, auto scanning is off. I've sent a message from within Poweramp for this same issue, I think that one will have all logs every other debugging details with it. Build details and battery graph in screenshot. I am using this on a Galaxy S10 Exynos. With Bluetooth headset. I've been using only Bluetooth headset since 2013. Do ask for any other details if needed. I understand some people might say, that the test wasn't long enough. I'll do one now for as long as I can and add another screenshot later.
  7. Noticed this morning that the 819 build stops responding to Bluetooth headset buttons after a song has been paused for 5-7 minutes. This used to happen on a very early release of V3 beta. Didn't face it on build 818 and below though.
  8. I want this too, even Phonograph has it, it's really cool. @maxmp would this be added?
  9. The player doesn't resume playback to the previous list after queue ends. Instead the queue is repeated. Build 797. Update: sorry, my bad. It happened because repeat was enabled for list. But anyway, it didn't happen on V2, I always have repeat list enabled. The player used to come back to previous playlist after finishing queue. Or maybe I am wrong. Anyway, I'll turn repeat off for my convenience.
  10. Long pressing on play button doesn't stop the track (or doesn't reset track to 0:00) instead, it switches to next track, and sometimes switches to two tracks ahead.
  11. Same issue with me. Shuffle works pathetic in playlist. The songs are played in the same order everytime, I know exactly which song will come next ?. Please fix soon.
  12. Shuffle in custom playlist works very bad. A selective 6-8 songs are played mostly. Anyone else experiencing this?
  13. I wish the shuffle, repeat and other two icons appeared the same as the remaining ones.
  14. When will the final version be out? ??? I'm getting cracking sounds only in Poweramp. The build 790.
  15. I knew this won't be an issue only with me. I am using a Nexus 6 and Bluetooth controls don't work for me but only on specific ROMs. The controls work fine on Dirty Unicorns but don't work on Resurrection Remix and AEX. So yes, this is not an issue with Poweramp but with the ROM. However, other players work fine on any ROM. So Max, please add what is missing in our favourite music player. Edit: This has fixed the issue, thank you so much man!
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