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  1. krazzyvishal

    Poweramp Build 819

    Noticed this morning that the 819 build stops responding to Bluetooth headset buttons after a song has been paused for 5-7 minutes. This used to happen on a very early release of V3 beta. Didn't face it on build 818 and below though.
  2. krazzyvishal

    Support for Synced Lyrics

    I want this too, even Phonograph has it, it's really cool. @maxmp would this be added?
  3. The player doesn't resume playback to the previous list after queue ends. Instead the queue is repeated. Build 797. Update: sorry, my bad. It happened because repeat was enabled for list. But anyway, it didn't happen on V2, I always have repeat list enabled. The player used to come back to previous playlist after finishing queue. Or maybe I am wrong. Anyway, I'll turn repeat off for my convenience.
  4. krazzyvishal

    Poweramp beta build-796

    Long pressing on play button doesn't stop the track (or doesn't reset track to 0:00) instead, it switches to next track, and sometimes switches to two tracks ahead.
  5. krazzyvishal

    Problem with random songs in playlists

    Same issue with me. Shuffle works pathetic in playlist. The songs are played in the same order everytime, I know exactly which song will come next ?. Please fix soon.
  6. krazzyvishal

    Poweramp beta build-792

    Shuffle in custom playlist works very bad. A selective 6-8 songs are played mostly. Anyone else experiencing this?
  7. krazzyvishal

    Poweramp beta build-792

    I wish the shuffle, repeat and other two icons appeared the same as the remaining ones.
  8. When will the final version be out? ??? I'm getting cracking sounds only in Poweramp. The build 790.
  9. krazzyvishal

    Bluetooth headset control not working

    I knew this won't be an issue only with me. I am using a Nexus 6 and Bluetooth controls don't work for me but only on specific ROMs. The controls work fine on Dirty Unicorns but don't work on Resurrection Remix and AEX. So yes, this is not an issue with Poweramp but with the ROM. However, other players work fine on any ROM. So Max, please add what is missing in our favourite music player. Edit: This has fixed the issue, thank you so much man!
  10. krazzyvishal

    License Check Issues

    GUYS! This version of Play Store fixes it! Here: APK Mirror
  11. Honestly, I don't even want the v3 now, give me the v2 with working notification controls and Oreo like look on it. ?
  12. Is there a way I can get notified of the "MOST AWAITED APRIL 2018 BETA" when it is out? I'm sick of checking everyday.
  13. I'm no longer checking for updates for V3. I'm more concerned with updates of notification helper now. ???
  14. I'm so sick of this now... Never expected such a delay. FYI, inverse notification colors isn't helping it.
  15. So I've been coming here every few weeks since the past one year or 6 months, to see if the ?NEW VERSION? is out and all through this time I read all the hate comments, nagging, etc. which was what even I wanted to type but I never did for so long because I knew it won't be of any use. Now I'm so ridiculed by the amount of time taken for the MIRACLE UPDATE that I finally wanted to write this, so I logged in and I'm doing it. I'm laughing like crazy at it. Still hoping the new version would come soon. ??? Please be quick, Max