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  1. I checked the music folder to see if there was another directory in there also called music.. there was not. i backed up the SD card, reformatted it using the Andriod app on the phone, and copied the music (and other files) back onto the SD card. I did a full rescan and still have the duplicates. So, I removed the SD card, powered back up and noted that Power Amp saw zero entries.. that was good.. I put the SD card back in and did another scan in power amp. It came back with the duplicate files again. OK then there was the big revelation...! I changed the Views on file explorer to get the full names and saw that some of the folders had a duplicate "(0)" appended to them is a separate folder. I deleted all of those and did a rescan.. it worked! So, to recap.. for some reason I ended up with song folders that around 20% had a duplicate with (0) at the end and power amp (correctly) picked those up as unique. Thank you blaubar for all of your help and patience. I am working now. Regards!
  2. Not too sure what you are telling me. Initially, I copied all the music form the phone to SD card using my Windows 10 box using file explorer. I just now went though the directories looking do duplicates and did not see and. There was one directory with backup that had some files, however these were not in the /music/* dir. I moved them to /music and did anohter rescan with the same duplicate results. I should add that the Power Amp settings are to only scan that one /music/* directory on the SD card. Are you asking of there is a /*(1) directory? I searched and did not find one. Thanks for the support you are offering. Any other ideas????
  3. There is a directory difference here.. the one with the artwork is: /storage/6533-35641/music/flat as a pancake/never been any reason.mp3 The Object without the artwork is: /storage/6533-35641/music/flat as a pancake(0)/never been any reason.mp3 Yes, I only selected the music folder on the SD card and not the main memory of the phone.
  4. Thanks for the pointer. I just did a full scan and still have the duplic ates.. see image. Not sure what I am doing wrong here
  5. Where is that knob? I see rescan but that did not make any difference.
  6. I have a Samsung Note 9 and power amp full (paid) version. Recently I moved all my music files from the onboard memory to the SD card. Now when I open an album (under artists) I see multiple appearances of the same song. I set the folder under library to the music folder on the SD card only (unchecked the on board music directory which was empty anyway). A rescan made no difference. Now the app is unusable becouse it plays the sames song twice when I select an album. How an I fix this?
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