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  1. Hello again. This time I would like to suggest to add a button in the settings on Poweramp that allow us to download album picture on every music file we have with one click, instead of downloading on demand (while listening)
  2. Is that true? i remember on the past that i had a equalizer that works with all apps. (no root). you say that android with the new versions disabled that feature? (i ask because i don't know about this) If thats so then is really bad news. Anyway. thanks for answering! -George
  3. Hi! Im new to this forum. I'm using this player since 2012 and i would describe it with one word "Perfect"! I always wanted to enjoy my music with some equalizer settings. And the i found Poweramp. Literally the best player-equalizer on the market for phones. My request is: i would like to have Poweramp's equalizer to the whole phone. With every other app. you could create a service in background and letting us have the choice when we want to enable the equalizer on other apps. That's the first part. When or If you make that happen, the next part would be to enable the EQ to specific apps. Thank you for your time and for providing us Poweramp, the best player.
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