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  1. Thanks for the input. It has been doing this when connecting to a car bluetooth as well. Perhaps my playlist is corrupted in some way.
  2. Any ideas on what the issue is? Only started in the last few weeks.. Thanks
  3. It is a random mid playlist jump. Only happens after connecting to a bluetooth device. For instance, I use bluetooth headphones. If I pause and the headphones power down, upon reconnecting it will play through the last song I paused at then jump mid list to an all list by artist. Only happens after disconnect and reconnect..
  4. While playing a user created list, the next song will jump to a song from the first artist listed alphabetically. I am streaming to a blutooth headset. This appears to happen after I pause then reconnect. The song that was playing on my playlist will finish, but instead of playing the next song it'll jump to the first song for the first listed artist.
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