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  1. I seemed to have fixed it, yay! 😃 My issue with my phone's screen resolution, normally I use the Note8's highest resolution (WQHD+) but I must have accidentally changed it to the basic HD resolution a few days ago to save battery. Still, pretty weird how I only really noticed it/stood out with Poweramp. Thanks for the trouble shooting tips though, I'll make sure to mark this post as solved 😃
  2. Nope, still no luck =( I've cleared the cache in that folder, clear the cache within the Poweramp menu, and cleared the cache within my phone's settings menu. I've noticed that some times it fixes itself, however on reopening the app, the same album's art is low quality again.
  3. This is happening to all files and in every menu (all album art files, and all artist files). For that particular album, the embedded artwork was 700x700.
  4. Poweramp version: v3-build-828-play (Full Version) Device name/model: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (SM-N950F) Android version: 9 I've noticed as of recent that all my album art is being displayed in Poweramp at a lower quality than what they actually are. At first I thought this was an issue with the album art files, but after checking them in both Google Play Music and Samsung's default gallery app the images seem fine. I've tried clearing the cache, reinstalling, trying different Poweramp skins, embedding the artwork, but nothing seems to fix it. Here are a few screenshots depicting the low quality art from Poweramp, and the original quality (Google Play Music, Gallery):
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