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  1. The closest I've found is this thread https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/15623-pa-does-not-remember-the-position-of-the-track-when-turn-it-off/?tab=comments#comment-64657 while a very similar situation (my car's head unit is android based, I just called it a tablet for convenience), this user had no track position remembered at all. Mine is not remembered only when using USB storage. I'm eager to learn where the last position data is stored if anyone knows. I have a feeling that perhaps there's a relationship between the USB interface initializing late and Poweramp trying to read data that isn't available yet.
  2. I have a tablet with a USB Mass storage device attached to it containing the music files. In this scenario it does not remember track position. As soon as I move the files to internal memory of the device the track positions _are_ remembered. I'm not sure if I should post this in the feature request section or if it should be a bug report. I found this post and thought it might be a suitable place to comment. If I should open a new topic or move it elsewhere, please let me know. ps: fwiw I'm on build 826
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