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  1. Hi; I have been running Poweramp V3 with wired headphones on my LG Fiesta 2 Android 7. Everything functions as expected. Now, I'm considering a pair of wireless buds, and just wanted to make sure that the Poweramp EQ will still function with the Bluetooth buds. Thanks for your help Ultrarunner
  2. Thanks. I guess that was something inherent in those (ancient) devices...
  3. Hey guys; I've got the latest ver of PA on an LG Fiesta 2 Android 7 phone. I have been using the EQ (set to Rock, then tweaking a bit and saving a custom preset), but recall reading that some apps drain more power when the EQ is turned on. I think this goes way back to when I listened to an iPod (4th get and Nano). So I used to EQ all of my tunes on my PC and save them as .mp3 for uploading to the phone. Is this still true for the latest Poweramp? Thanks Ultrarunner
  4. Perhaps Google (or Apple) will support something like this, but I'm certain it will work only with their branded player. I suppose that if Poweramp had macros, one might be able to start a macro by voice. In any case, it's still a timesaver to be able to tell my phone to play a specific song, or a song by an artist using voice commands. Only thing there, is that, despite not having any default music player (I am unable to set Poweramp as default for some reason), I need to tell Google that I want to play the song in Poweramp. I did attempt to set up PA as default, but, in Android 7 I cannot seem to accomplish this. Maybe I'm missing something.
  5. Hello; Is there a method to use Android 7 voice commands to cause Poweramp to cue a list of songs I give it by voice? This would be instead of pulling up the list of songs, long press and hitting cue. Then, once the songs have been cued, to play that cue using voice commands? I am not using Android Auto - just have the headphones (without controls). I am able to get Poweramp to play a single song, or a random song by a specific artist using Google voice commands, but it does not appear that I can do more than that. BTW, I notice that after I command Google to play a song in Poweramp, Poweramp has turned off shuffle. Thanks for your help Ultrarunner
  6. Hi; I'm curious to know what the odds are that, when I have shuffle all songs enabled, that any song will be repeated within a specified time period. Also, does rating songs affect the chance that a song will play in shuffle all?
  7. I thought it might be helpful for me to upload my PA settings here. When I selected to Export settings, PA stated that the file would be saved here: /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/last.Poweramp-settings checking the folder, I get only as far as /storage/emulated, but the folder is empty. I have enabled 'show hidden files' on ES File Explorer Pro. Just for curiosity, I then attempted to import settings. PA indicated that it had loaded the settings. It stated that it was going to restart, but I don't know if that actually happened.
  8. Right. I am looking at my Android system settings.
  9. Well, the fact that I must change to another track after pausing a long track in order to have the long track's position recorded in permanent memory - so that position is returned to after rebooting - is indeed associated only with long tracks, and effective only when Per Track Progress is enabled.
  10. The problem is not a specific file. I first experienced it while playing a 2+ hour track I created in Reaper from songs on my HDD. This track shows in PA and in MusicBee (on my PC) as a single track. Then, after I decided I wanted to upload a long track to the forum, I created another long track (20 minutes) in Reaper from songs in public domain. I uploaded an .mp3 version of that track. Both the 2 hour and the 20 minute tracks exhibit the same behavior in PA, which is as described in earlier posts here. I even tried tagging the song as a podcast, thinking perhaps (on the outside chance) that PA would recognize that tag and handle it differently - but it did not. Since it appears that this is an isolated problem, I have come to believe that it is an Android problem, not a PA problem. That said, my audiobook player always remembers the per-track position when I reboot my phone. I sent you the file, but was warned that it exceeds the 25Mb limit. The file is about 47Mb.
  11. Nope. When I play a 'short' song (which is shorter than the minimum set for 'Track Duration for Per Track Progress'), play returns to 0:00 after a reboot. This is after hitting pause while playing, closing PA, and rebooting.
  12. Yes. It will return to the 30:00 minute position after rebooting, rather than the later position. So I guess the feature to save track progress on long tracks applies only to changing to another track, and not rebooting the phone. Saving while rebooting is probably something that should be handled by Android. So, I will just have to remember to change to another track just prior to shutting down the phone if I want to return to the current position in the long track. Not a problem - just that I need to remember to do this. Another option would be to leave my phone powered on all the time, and just turn off the ringer. I tend to shut it down at night, as I sometimes receive unwanted calls at all hours of the night.
  13. In my experience with PA V3 build 828, the 'Store/Restore Per Track Progress' feature will not function as expected if you restart or shut down and power up your phone. Refer to this thread for details on my issue: What I found is this: In order for PA to remember track progress when returning to a long track - after having listened to another track - you must indeed pause the long track and listen to another track. If you simply pause the long track, then close PA (or not) and restart your phone, it will return to the beginning of the long track. ** keep reading this post for clarification on this *** So it appears that the track position is being written to the storage on the phone only when you switch to another track. Here is another scenario: You are listening to a long track, and have Store/Restore Per Track Progress enabled. You are 30 minutes through a 60 minute track. You hit pause, and listen to something else on PA. With or without restarting your phone, you later resume playing the long track. PA will remember where you were, and restart the track at 30 minutes - the position you were at when you paused it. Now, let's say you listen to another 15 minutes of the long track - so you're now at 45 minutes. For some reason, you need to reboot your phone. You do not leave the long track to listen to anything else before closing PA (actually, it makes no difference if you close PA or not) and rebooting your phone. You restart your phone, and open PA. Sure enough, the long track you were listening to is up as the current track. But when you press play, you find that it begins playing from the 30 minute position you were at before you paused it to listen to that other track, not the 45 minute position you were at before you rebooted your phone. I believe this is a bug, or maybe just an oversight by the developers. For whatever reason, PA only writes the Per Track position into storage (non-volatile memory) when the long track is paused and another track is selected, but not when the track is only paused, and no other track is selected. That said, if you simply pause the long track (or any track, long or short) and close PA - but do not restart your phone - then return to PA and resume playing the same track, it will begin play at the point you left off. This, as has been stated here, has nothing to do with Per Track Progress.
  14. I have finally shed some light on what is happening here: The play position WILL RESTORE position on a long track if I am playing that (long) track, and then SELECT ANOTHER TRACK to play, and then RETURN TO THE LONG TRACK. It will then restart playing the long track from where it was when I left it to select another track. It will do this even if I shut down or restart the phone between playing the other track and returning to the long track. In addition: After the phone has been shut down or restarted, the play position on the long track will always return to where it was when I paused it to play another track - not to the position it was at when I shut down or restarted the phone. If I pause the long track (or any track), then close PA but do not restart the phone, play will always resume where I paused it - regardless of length of track. This of course has nothing to do with Store/Restore Per Track Progress. When 'Store/Restore Per Track Progress' is turned off, then play will always restart at 0:00 after switching to another track and returning. This just confirms that the feature is working. In summary: In order for Store/Restore Per Track Progress to function, the user must: 1) Be listening to a track that is longer than the setting of 'Track Duration for Per Track Progress'. 2) Pause the long track, and switch to another track. 3) Return to the long track. I would appreciate if someone could test this action, so I can confirm that this is how the feature is supposed to function. Thanks Ultrarunner
  15. I moved the long track into the default music folder on internal storage. Still will not return to last played position after phone restart. I'm now looking into file tags. Is there anything anyone can tell me about tags? Such as what the tags would be for a podcast - which I would assume you want to be able to return to last played position. The only other thing I can think of is that Poweramp does not support returning to last played position when the phone is turned off or restarted. That, or something with Android v7 that is wiping that particular byte(s) of storage when it is rebooted...
  16. It happens with all files, both .mp3 and .ogg. I tried moving a couple of the long files to the internal storage, but it made no difference. Do you know where the track info is stored? this could be an Android problem. I'm running 7 on a LG Fiesta 2 on Tracfone service. Edit: I have uploaded a 20 minute track in .mp3 format. The content is public domain, downloaded from Free Music Archive. I created the mix in Reaper, rendered as .flac, then converted to .mp3 (and .ogg) using Foobar2000. Public Domain Rock mix #1 short.mp3
  17. Well, I have no idea what is going on. I thought - based on what andrewilley said, that perhaps this feature just doesn't work with .ogg files. So I converted the original .flac file (on my PC) to .mp3 and copied that file into the music library, and performed a full rescan. Nope. Nothing changed. The play position always returned to what appeared to be an arbitrary time position when I rebooted the phone (but not if I just closed PA and then re-opened it). Next, I cleared all data for PA. Then I set it up the same way I had previously: Store/Restore Track Progress: ON Track Duration for per track progress: at least 5min. Keep Service: ON Now, what exactly is 'Track Duration for per track progress? Does it determine how long the overall track must be before PA will use the Store/Restore Track Progress feature, or is it the minimum amount of time the track must be playing before PA will remember the time position? After clearing all data (including cache of course), the play position returns to 0:00:00 when I reboot the phone. That makes more sense than 0:15:nn that it was returning to before. The next thing I checked is the properties of the folder and file in question. The folder/file is not hidden, and read & write are enabled. At one point, I even allowed PA to make system changes, but that did not change anything. Being curious, I turned off 'Store/Restore Track Progress' completely. For the .ogg file, no change whatsoever when I rebooted the phone. It still returns to 0:00:00 time. I guess I should (could) upload the file in question, but considering that it is a 3 hour mix of copyrighted material that is not mine, I don't think it would be legal - at least not technically if I am going to be 'loyal' to RIAA and others... Instead, I am going to create my file. I'm not a musician, but I do own a license to Reaper DAW. I will find some music that is public domain, create a mix from it in Reaper, and see what happens in PA. If there is still this problem, then I will upload the file here.
  18. All is fine so long as I don't shut down or restart the phone. I can close PA (with or without stopping service) and it will remember the position of the track when re-opened. Funny thing here: I have a mix track that is about 2 hours long. I am at 1hr 30 mins. I hit pause, then close PA. Then I restart the phone. When I open PA again, the same track is displayed, but the time pointer is now at about 14 minutes (from the start). How did this happen? I can understand why it might restart at 0:00, but 0:14:nn? I have tried uninstalling, then re-installing PA but this did not fix the problem. Next, I may try moving PA to the SD card. The program itself is on internal storage, with all music files on the SD card. Perhaps if I move all of PA to the SD card it will remember the track position? In the end, this isn't really a huge problem. I normally don't shut down or restart my phone during the day; only at night. But if I wanted to use PA to play audiobooks, then it would be a problem. I have another app that plays audiobooks, and it always remembers the position it was at (within a track) when I shut down and restart. Edit: Moving PA to the SD card did not change anything.
  19. PA is not remembering current track position when I close the app and reboot or shut down and restart the phone, without playing another track. I already set the 'Store/Restore per track progress and the slider to 10min. I have the 'Keep Service' option turned on. If that is not turned on, I think that PA will forget the track position even when I close and re-open it but do not restart the phone. I played the track for 16 minutes, hit pause, and closed PA. If I re-open PA and hit play again, the track begins playing from where I left off. But if I close PA, then shut down or reboot the phone, then re-open PA, I still have the same track showing as the current track, but when I hit play, it starts from near the beginning - but not the exact beginning of the track. That in itself is very strange. Why would PA resume from near the beginning of the track, and not the exact beginning?
  20. This is for Poweramp V3 Pro (paid version) I have some really long tracks - many songs in a 'DJ' style mix which I like to play through. Problem is that, if I shut down my phone, the play always resumes from the beginning, not the position that was playing when I shut down. I have ticked 'Keep Service', which seems to work when I close Poweramp but do not shut the phone down. Any work-around for this? Thanks Ultrarunner
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