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  1. Working fine with Hi-Res support at Xiaomi Mi5 and MIUI 8 (already reported in proper thread). Just two things bother: 1. For example FB Messenger sounds distrupt music playback by briefly switching from headphones to speaker. It only happens for Hi-Res output, OpenSL is fine. I believe it briefly switches to different output "mode" (OpenSL?). Can I work around this? "Playing with Settings => Audio => Audio Focus" changed nothing. 2. When I'm using other music players, I can see on screen volume slider when I change sound with hardware vol. buttons. For some reason it's different in the b.703 of Poweramp. Looks like headset is detected or treated differently when used with Poweramp
  2. I can confirm that Hi-Res output is working fine at Xiaomi Mi5 with MIUI 8 ROM. Device type is not displayed like for example Galaxy S7, it just uses generic Snapdragon 820 support.
  3. Almost perfect, any way to make it case insensitive? Hierarchy fixes it, but obviously also changes view
  4. Hi, let's say I have folder called after artists name and then subfolders with albums (each named after album name, without "artist - " prefix). Currently Poweramp just takes those album subfolders and lists them as level one folders in folder mode sorted alphabetically. The result is I need to look for different albums from the same artist placed on totally different parts of the folders "playlist". I'd like to have them listed one next to other and played that way without renaming each album subbfolder and adding artist name in front of it. Thanks!
  5. Thank you, it helped with question 1. Side effect is now it displays icon confirming "advance list" turned on but I can live with that.
  6. Hi, I remember that since a few versions autoadvance folders option has been relocated. Unfortunately I cannot find it anywhere so could someone describe how to set Poweramp the way that it will start playing next folder content when current folder finished? I'v noticed that after Poweramp update (and moving to JellyBean if it matters) I cannot see "x of yy" track number information. I remember that for ex. if I was playing song 5 in folder that cointains 13 songs it used to display "3 of 15" or something like that on player main screen. Thanks
  7. Thanks for answer. I know about BT headsets capability to do that but I prefer wired ones (because of SQ) and Samsung Galaxy S (and Samsung generally) offer only 1 button remotes. To make things worse, Nokia or HTC multi-button remotes extra buttons doesn't work with Samsung. From my (coder) point of view, it there's a function to handle folders switching and button hold action support, then joining those two wouldn't take A LOT of coding time. I believe there would be a few people also interested in such feature. Could you think about implementing it ? Thanks for encodings part.
  8. Hi, it would be nice to be able to switch folders via headset. Button hold for next folder at least, but click+click and hold for next folder, double click+click and hold for prev. folder would be best. Any chances for that? Also, would it be much work to include more encodings support? (ISO-8859-2 and Win-1250) Thanks.
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