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  1. Kim, you made my day. I was not aware of this difference. Great support. Thank you.
  2. Thank you for your help. Yes, that's the way as it should work and worked on my other phones. This time not. The old directory is not longer available, so I cannot unselected it. The new directory I can select and I can trigger the scan. After the scan, the number of tracks does not change and the old mp3s still are filling the library. The new mp3s are not collected. Is there a way to delete the old lib manually? Regards
  3. Hi, I use Poweramp since years. I recently switched to a new phone under Android one, Android 9. I started with a 64 GB card and switched to 128 now. The new directory is not read. I can select the new folder. I can trigger a reread. But the old number of mp3s is still there. The new directory is not read. I deinstalled and deleted in internal and SD card memory all directories with not in the path, then I reinstalled. It stays the same. The new files are not read. What can I do?
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