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  1. What I am guessing is that the settings are not being saved to sub folders. This is a shame since I have hundreds of folders and can't see myself going through each one to set up the equalizer. Is there any way to set the equalizer to recognize genres and automatically change settings as I have seen in other apps? Thanks.
  2. Yes I am in folder view. From the main music folder I enter classical. I see a list of all my classical folders. I select equalizer from the menu, push preset and then long press on classical. I select assign, folder. I play a song and everything is OK. I'll go to another folder and play a song with a different preset. I will go back to classical and the preset will not be classical.
  3. My music folder has subfolders: Classical, Country, Roch, etc. I want to save a default preset to each folder and then maybe later change it on an artist or song basis. But right now the only setting saved is the last one. For example, I enter the classical folder and I assign the classical preset. The preset works but when I go to a different folder that has supposably another preset assigned, it shows up now as classical. Is it not possible to save different presets to different folders? Thanks
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