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  1. Right, but there is no music playing from anything including Poweramp.
  2. Pixel 4XL. I noticed Now Playing doesn't always work. I checked the settings and see that Poweramp is blocking the ambient services (see screenshot). Is there a way to allow Now Playing to keep working?
  3. So when music is playing everything is fine, but when I scroll through Youtube Vanced, my audio kind of skips around. Not sure why this is. Its almost as if there was audio from the videos and it's cutting into the music, but there is no audio from youtube (I'm just scrolling through the videos). I listen with bluetooth ear buds (galaxy buds live or pixel buds 2).
  4. I appreciate all the help guys. I actually got it to work 100%. Since the playlist was pointing to files in 2 different locations, I basically moved the smaller folder into the bigger folder. I let the duplicates replace the old files in there. Now I had all the music files in one location and the file paths were matching the playlist .m3u. I know that doesn't really make sense unless you understand the whole situation I had with the iTunes copies missing some of the music files compares to my huge music library folder. I just moved the itunes folder into my music library folder, and
  5. @6b6561 So I think your method works, except that it appears some of the songs were not "backed up" by my iTunes. In other words when I look in that iTunes folder with the copies of my music, I do not see some songs. Even when I export the playlist, it reflects to the main folder that has my music. So it's like the playlist is pulling half my music from my main library folder and half from the iTunes copy folder. Do you know of a way for iTunes to copy ALL of the music in the playlist then copy it over to the copy folder, so it will all be in one place (the iTunes copy folder)?
  6. I have iTunes on my PC (but will remove it after this whole debacle), but not on my device. But I think the method 6b6561 told me might work actually. I will test it fully tomorrow in the morning. Thanks again.
  7. I'm not sure if I have 2 sets of files, I think I only have 1. So what I've done in the past is download the music file and place it in a directory. Then I click and drag that file into iTunes and arrange it into a playlist. I took a look at Advanced in settings and both those options are unchecked, which means I cannot use this method right? EDIT: okay so I looked at the file path that iTunes says its storing my music and I see the copies (or at least I think they are). I'm assuming I can just move these copies of music over to my device since the file path will match the same
  8. Thanks for the reply. Yes I agree, most of the songs work fine. The songs that are not showing up were downloaded a long time ago and that's probably why they are being weird with the file names. I just dragged them from my PC music folder to the Music folder on my device. I was able to access the .m3u file and change the music file names to match what their "real name" (from the music folder on my PC and music folder on Android), and then resync the playlist and it works. However that was my small playlist of 42 songs. I got a bigger one missing like 200 and another missing 300, so I
  9. Thank you. I just simply dragged my music files from the PC onto my phone via usb cable. However, it appears that iTunes changed the file names in the playlist. So simply by changing only the '\' to a '/' I've been able to get most of my songs and playlists set up. The only issue left is some songs are missing from the playlist. For example, my playlist with 1178 songs only has 853 on Poweramp. I believe this to be the exact same issue mentioned above where the file name was changed by iTunes for some reason, so I probably will have to manually update the .m3u file with the cor
  10. Yup it can export in m3u. So I can use a text editor and mass change the file directory from my PC file path to my android device file path, and then add that playlist file to my device. Then Poweramp should be able to pick it up? EDIT: So I've tried editing the .m3u playlist file with notepad to change the URL path to match my phone's one, but the playlists are still empty. Any ideas? EDIT 2: Actually I figured out the issue. The file names within the playlist are different than the file names on my phone for some reason. For example in the exported .m3u playlist, one song
  11. I have a 2k~ songs on my phone, but they are not in a playlist. Is it possible to arrange them in a playlist based off what I have them set up in iTunes? They're all exactly the same songs, but they are arranged into playlists on iTunes and they are not in Poweramp. I previously used TuneSync to auto transfer them from itunes into my phone via wifi, but with Android 11 it does not like where TuneSync is storing the files and new songs do no show up in Poweramp. So I moved all my music and dumped it into the Music folder on android. It can be read by Poweramp just fine, but they a
  12. Hi guys, on page 3 I said Poweramp was unable to find my playlists. I was on the Android 11 beta 2. Not sure if the latest update made a fix or something, but now I have access to all my playlists and everything seems to work fine. Thank you guys!
  13. I cannot find where the playlist file is. I know my music is somewhere within the Android > data folder because if I select this folder, my music will show up. However, using any file reader program, when looking inside this folder it is blank. I believe it is Android 11 beta. For example, when in Google Messages, previously I could hit the + button to add an image. Typically it would show my recent photos I've taken, but now there are none, as if my phone cannot read the storage to find these recent images. I can understand how sync programs can be a nightmare, but this pro
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