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  1. Hi guys, on page 3 I said Poweramp was unable to find my playlists. I was on the Android 11 beta 2. Not sure if the latest update made a fix or something, but now I have access to all my playlists and everything seems to work fine. Thank you guys!
  2. I cannot find where the playlist file is. I know my music is somewhere within the Android > data folder because if I select this folder, my music will show up. However, using any file reader program, when looking inside this folder it is blank. I believe it is Android 11 beta. For example, when in Google Messages, previously I could hit the + button to add an image. Typically it would show my recent photos I've taken, but now there are none, as if my phone cannot read the storage to find these recent images. I can understand how sync programs can be a nightmare, but this program I've used has worked flawlessly for a very long time. I guess I shall see after Android 11 gets fully released. If it still does not work, then I will need to switch my music transfer methods.
  3. The Playlists section is completely blank (says Doesnt look like anything to me). Yeah I think its file based. I used an app called TuneSync to sync over my songs and keep it in the same playlist format at my iTunes playlists.
  4. So actually I looked at the app permissions and I noticed there were no permissions allowed. I changed this to allow permissions for Files and media. I did a full rescan, which seemed like it found my songs. I checked my playlists, but they were not there. However I viewed my "All songs" and I saw all my songs, plus audio from videos and stuff like that. So that's progress, but seems like I will still need to wait for the full Android 11.
  5. Hi, I believe this to be an Android 11 beta issue, but if someone could please confirm that would be great. After upgrading to the 11 beta, my Poweramp can no longer find my local music library. That's a android beta issue, right? I think something similar happened to me before on an older beta. Pixel 4XL, Android 11 Beta 2
  6. With the new line of Pixels, Spotify and Google Play Music has the option to swipe your hand in front of the screen and it will change songs. I feel like Poweramp will benefit from this additional feature.
  7. I too would like motion sense control eventually. Would be pretty helpful if Poweramp could take advantage the same way Spotify does. BTW we're talking about changing songs via swiping in front of the screen. Not unlocking the device.
  8. Awesome thank you! Poweramp is the best.
  9. There's 2 ways I can manifest this issue: First way, starting from Poweramp music screen, trying to change playlists. Press top left to go back to Playlists. Select new playlist, then select song in new playlist. Screen goes back to AA Poweramp screen, but the song doesn't change; it's the same song that was already playing and nothing happens. Second way, just changing songs within a playlist. From AA Poweramp screen, select bottom left option to see the queue. Select a new song, but nothing happens. It goes back to the AA Poweramp screen with the old song still playing. Song does not change. I reverted back to 838 and issue is gone and it works fine.
  10. I posted something similar. I originally thought the issue was only playing songs from a different playlist, but I just realized it's ANYTIME you pick a song from any playlist. It won't play the song. I just redownloaded 838 and will see if it works again in the mean time.
  11. Build 839 Pixel 2 Q beta 5 Stock rom When using Android Auto and trying to pick a song in another playlist, nothing happens when I pick the new song. I have to pick the song on my phone and then it works.
  12. I just want to add to this and say I also had this issue. Restarting the phone temporarily seems to fix the issue, but it always comes back. I've reverted back to 829 and that seems to have permanently fixed the issue.
  13. When I click on Battery optimization my Settings force closes. Might be because I am on Q Beta 3. But it does say that it is optimizing battery use which could be why it's being killed.
  14. I don't think my pixel 2 has something like this.
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