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  1. Here's something I hadn't noticed before, FWIW. I went into Settings>Applications>Running services and tapped on Poweramp. It shows 3 things running: Headset Micro Service Poweramp Google Play Store When I scroll all the way down it says, "Service LicensingService in use." I guess I'll just let it set there for a while. I'm losing hope, though.
  2. As I reported above, uninstalling the "Updates' to the play store app downgrade it to an app called 'Market' and it doesn't even load. On the PA website there is a purchase option to 'Buy Directly' which states that no Google services are required. Can I just buy another license through that method? Is there any reason PA vs 2 should not activate with that method?
  3. OK--I can't remember 100% as it's been 2 years, but it was working. I happened to find an apk of vs 2 on my computer which is why I thought maybe I installed from the apk. I think it's a Play Store issue, though, and I'll tell you why. While trying to get a working music player over the past couple weeks, I bought one called Neutron. That one must use a similar verification mechanism as PA because after the trial period expired that one will not validate either. I wonder whether maybe the verification software got moved to a different server, or under a different IP, or something, an
  4. I understand that. It appears to me that this whole issue is related to connection to the Play Store. On the PA website there is a purchase option to 'Buy Directly' which states that no Google services are required. What if I just buy another license through that method? Due to the older Android version I need PA vs. 2 and I know the app works because I've been using it for two years. Is there any reason PA should not activate with that method? THX
  5. My problem may not be exactly in step with the point of the thread. However, let me say this. I have an older Galaxy S that is not even activated with a cellular carrier; I bought it second hand solely to use as a music player. To set it up, I connected via wifi, installed the necessary Google Play related apps so I could install a music player. I might have installed the Poweramp vs. 2 app from an apk on the Poweramp site, but I bought and installed the Unlocker through Google Play for sure (it shows in my account). At some point the license activation succeeded. I can't recall whether a
  6. Thanks, maxmp. Well, here's what I can tell you. There is definitely an internet connection. I believe the internet connection is stable as I have a modern router and am within 4 feet of it, my tablets connect fine. I can browse the web using the Browser app on the phone. I can open Play Store, it connects, shows my account name, installed apps, I can install new apps (tried it) When you say, " Ensure you can open Play app, it loads list of songs..," how would the Play app load a list of songs? Open Play app Done. It shows running in Task Manager It’s
  7. OK, I went into Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>Google Play Store and tapped 'Uninstall updates' (for this app only). I'm not sure this was something good to do because it seemed to downgrade the app to something called 'Market'. The Market app would launch but would not load -- the progress indicator just sat there and spun, thus Google Play Store does not work at all anymore. So, what I am going to do is reinstall Play Store from the original apk that I had installed it from 2 years ago, which was the one I originally bought and installed PA from, which worked for 2
  8. OK. It will still be the same Play Store "version" that was on the phone when PA was originally installed and worked fine for 2 years; but those "updates" to the version, which probably happened automatically just through occasional Play Store app updates, will be removed. I will do that and we'll see how things go (I will insert this in the steps above). BTW, normally I do not leave the phone connected to the web day-to-day. This phone is not even activated, I use it strictly as a music player in the car. Thank you for your efforts, especially on a weekend!
  9. Thank you for the replies. OK, I have some direction from Alex, andrewilley, and maxmp. I have tried to condense the suggestions into a plan of action. - I have uninstalled both the app and the unlocker. (PA vs 2) - I have verified that the current Play Store version on the phone is the same one that Poweramp was originally installed with--although it appears that there may have been updates applied which I could unstall but have not. Please tell me whether the following looks like a good plan. Please adjust/correct as needed: 1. Make sure Android (2.3.5) Background App syn
  10. I've used vs 2 for two years with no problems. I decided to do a 'Wipe cache' on the phone. Poweramp must have been storing some license related data in there because the next time I started up Poweramp I started having this license verification problem. I reinstalled the app and unlocker. Having to wait hours or days for it to do what it needs to do is ludicrous. I can't upgrade to vs 3 because of an Android version that is too old. Besides, it is not an app issue; it is this unrealistic verification mechanism. All my other apps are working fine. This would definitely affect my decision
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