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  1. Yes, but the only way to chose a song from Album search results is to search for the specific Album. Correct? I was hoping there was a way to search for a Track, then have the Album as the playback category, instead of All Songs.
  2. If I search for a track and click the track from the search results, all search results are played. Instead, I'd like to change that list that is played to the album that the track is apart of. Is this possible? OR I'd like to know a quick way to go to the album. I know if you click the 3 dots on the player UI, scroll down, and click album, that is one way. But I'm looking for a quicker solution, as I do this multiple times a day. I know clicking the Album Art in a player UI brings me to the previous list, but again this brings me to search results. I wish we could customize the action for clicking the Album Art.
  3. Currently, clicking the Album Art returns you to the previous list where you selected the track. I think the ability to customize that action would be great! I'd personally like to be able to click that Album Art and be brought to the album. The current process of clicking the 3 dots on a track, scrolling to the bottom, then clicking album, is a little too tedious for the frequency with which I like to be brought to the album. Please consider! Thank you.
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